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davina shah

Agent & Managing Director

I founded TEAM in 2020, keen to make a home for the brilliant storytellers and theatre makers I have the great pleasure of working with. My work at TEAM is grounded in nurturing talent & most importantly, the humans behind it, alongside providing strategic career support.

I’ve been advocating for artists for a long time: from the early part of my career working in producing & planning departments at a number of producing theatres & as an independent producer, and since 2011, as a literary & creatives’ agent. 

I am a Mancunian born and raised, and am proud to be a trustee of the Royal Exchange Theatre.

Like most Manchester-folk, I like to think I do things a little bit differently…



Growing up in London I was lucky enough to experience all kinds of live art & theatre from an early age, and a chance extra-curricular subject in 6th Form led to me studying Stage Management at Bristol Old Vic for my degree. I then worked as a Stage Manager for nine years on a huge variety of theatrical productions, with a growing interest in exploring how work comes to be before the first day in the rehearsal room. 
I have been working as Davina’s assistant since January 2022, and am delighted to have the chance to support her & all the artists that make TEAM as special as it is.